What is 300 Startups

Launch Scheduled at the Tamilnadu Global Investors Meet 2019

MoU Signed with Elcot,Govt.of Tamilnadu

  • •  Enables students to set up a company from the year they join the college (a total of 300 companies)
  • •  Students will create, plan, run and maintain these companies
  • •  Each of these will have their own mentors, guides who will help them run the business
  • •  Will have a Team of 4 Board of Directors (Industry) and 4 Mentors (Entrepreneurs) and 1 Faculty
  • •  First of its kind : the Startups will focus on GovernmentDepts
  • •  200 Global Academia ConnectionsHarvard & MIT students will actively partner with startups here to aid with technology, financial models, funding etc.,

About Ignite India

Agni Foundation’s “Ignite India” is the brainchild of Shri Agnishwar Jayaprakash, a Harvard Alumni. He conceptualised this as a tribute to our late president Shri APJ Abdul Kalaam. This is an innovation platform for student innovators and young entrepreneurs from high schools and colleges.The enthusiasm of the students and the guidance needed for them in pushing up their innovations triggered this idea : 300 Startups.

How does this work

300 Startups is primarily focussed on the students of AGNI College of Technology, where the students from all the 4 years will form teams, they will be facilitated and guided to start a company. These companies will focus on Government Departments of Tamilnadu and will strive to solve an issue pertaining to that department, preferably in discussion with the heads of the respective departments.

Avg. of 7 students per team with a mix of 2,3 and 4th year

Every Startup will have Internal (Faculty) and External Co-ordinators

Periodic awards for performance will be given

Trained on Skillsets and Mindset

Students will be guided on choosing their project

Targetting a total of 20 weeks with 5hrs a week – 100 hrs a year

Ideas should fall into one of these categories

Revenue: The idea being proposed will bring in increase in revenue to the dept.
Product: It will be a new product formulation or could be a new service offering for the consumer, making the customer interaction with the department as delightful one.
Tieups: Could be facilitating a tieup with another state or a country to make the process smoother or creating a difference in the way they function or adapting.
Publicity: Most of the departments do a lot of thing but don’t share the information with the public / citizen.
Operational Efficiency: Introduction of a new system might make them work eaiser thereby raising their efficiency.
Aggregation / Technology: Introduction of ways and means to reduce manual intervention in citizen services / interaction.
Save money: Ideas that will help in saving money, this could be through a new material, process, manpower etc.,
Future: Forecasting global change and adapting newer methods and being prepared.
Environment: Looking at environment friendly ideas.
Security / verification: Considering secure systems that will ensure the data is safe.

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